Crystal Story

While traveling in France in 1984, Jerry Rosenblatt, Founder and CEO of Crystal, was introduced to a manufactured product made of mineral salts, which purifies water. That same product, he later discovered, also worked as a natural yet powerful hypoallergenic deodorant! Jerry began importing the deodorant mineral salt, and assembled a small team of friends to shape, mold, smooth, and package each stone by hand. No two rocks were the same; each measuring anywhere between eight to ten inches in diameter and weighing between six to nine ounces. Jerry named the product Le Crystal Naturel™.

The First Major Success for Crystal Deodorant Began in New York City. With a suitcase full of “clunky rocks”, Jerry met with department store buyers across the U.S. to persuade them to stock this unusual-looking product that promised to prevent body odor without the use of harmful chemicals found in ordinary deodorants. As remarkable as the mineral salts deodorant was, at first it was a tough sell. Crystal’s big break came at Henri Bendel, an upscale New York Department Store. Convinced by the Rock’s deodorant stone’s potential for success, Bendel ran a full page ad for it in the New York Times. They sold out in one day! Then other high-end department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Marshall Fields began to stock Le Crystal Naturel. Jerry’s new business was off and running.

As demand for the product grew, Jerry decided to begin manufacturing and selling different versions of his hypoallergenic deodorant to reach more people and satisfy their different needs. The natural deodorant products, now marketed under the Crystal® Body Deodorant name, sold through a growing list of retailers.

Crystal continues to produce and sell its original Deodorant Stone throughout the world, and its natural deodorant ingredients continue to make it the world’s leading mineral salt deodorant brand. Jerry still uses Crystal deodorant every day – naturally!